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Welcome! The Franklin Park Turkey Trot is more than just another walk, run, or volunteer day in the park. It’s a special day for community members to demonstrate their support for the activities, advocacy, and restoration work performed year-round by the Franklin Park Coalition.

We invite you to give back to the park through November 30th with our Parksgiving Fundraiser. The funds that we raise together will help to ensure that Franklin Park continues to be a welcoming ‘backyard’ for residents and visitors alike, with many opportunities to Work, Play, Engage!

3 steps to start your Parksgiving Fundraiser:

1) Create an account on Nation Builder above, with an email or social media account or via this link

2) Once you are signed in you will see Parksgiving donation tracking link above on this page that is personalized just for you. 

3) Copy & save the link and share it with your social media network, friends, and family so they can donate to the park on your behalf. 

What are you waiting for? Our top fundraisers by the end of November will win some fantastic prizes such as gift certificates to local businesses!

Use our Fundraising Tool Kit for sample social media messaging and fun #Parksgiving graphics to share! Or use the buttons below to share now.

What if my social network isn't tech savvy or able to donate online? 

We recommend asking online as you would be surprised how easy it is! However, if you would like to fundraise for Parksgiving and receive "offline" donations via cash or check donations, by all means, please either make combined donations to your tracking link via your personal credit card, bring funds to the Turkey Trot race, or mail checks to Franklin Park Coalition. Just include a note with your name in the memo line, and it will be credited to your Parksgiving campaign! 

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