Fundraising Tool Kit

Parksgiving_Mother___Daughter.pngWelcome! When you register for the Franklin Park Turkey Trot, it’s more than just a walk, run, or volunteer day in the park. It’s a special day for community members to demonstrate their support for the activities, advocacy, and restoration work performed year-round by the Franklin Park Coalition.

We invite you to use your Turkey Trot walk, run, or day of volunteering as an opportunity to join the Parksgiving Fundraiser on behalf of the Coalition. The funds that we raise together will help to ensure that Franklin Park continues to be a welcoming backyard for residents and visitors alike, with many opportunities to Work, Play, Engage!

We encourage you to utilize the resources below to set-up and execute a successful personal fundraiser. Whether you’re a Turkey Trot veteran or newbie, you can expect to learn something new and be inspired!

We will have prizes from some amazing local businesses for our top fundraisers!

Haven’t registered yet? Click here to register as an individual or team!

1. How to Set Up Your Fundraiser

Set up your fundraiser: Your fundraiser is simply a personalized link to our Parksgiving donation page. Anyone referred through your personal tracking link or through the buttons below will be credited to you. Follow these three easy steps to start fundraising:

  1. Create an account by signing into Nation Builder and entering your name and a password. 
  2. Once you are signed in you will see a donation tracking link on this page that is personalized for you. 
  3. Save the link and share it with your social media network, friends, and family so they can donate to the park on your behalf. 

Set a specific goal: Setting a specific goal and schedule will help you stay on target and mobilize more asks.

Make it personal: Let people know why you want to raise money for Franklin Park Coalition. Maybe you love attending Elma Lewis Playhouse in the Park Concerts all summer long or perhaps you got to ride a bike with your children for the first time at the annual Bike & Kite Festival.

2. How to Get People to Donate

Create a list of easy targets: Brainstorm a list of people who might donate to your efforts. We recommend starting with:

  • Friends and family
  • Current or former colleagues and classmates
  • Neighbors
  • Your professional, volunteer or religious network
  • Your social media connections

Tell your story: The most successful Parksgiving fundraisers have one thing in common: they ask as many people for support as possible, in very personal ways. Practice telling your story by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What does Franklin Park mean to me?
  • How do open spaces like Franklin Park impact my life and why do I believe it’s important that we have vibrant city parks where people can work, play, and engage?
  • If a friend told me that their donation wouldn’t really make a difference, what would I say to them?

Craft an email to potential donors: We recommend creating a personal and direct message that explains the why, how, and who of your fundraising campaign. 

Connect with your online network: Social media is a great way to get the word out to many people very quickly. You might be surprised to see who donates! Use the following templates to ask your social networks to donate to your cause. Feel free to personalize them! Be sure to follow and tag @FranklinParkBos on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtags #FranklinPark #TurkeyTrot5k #Parksgiving

Sample Twitter posts:

This Thanksgiving, I’m [running/walking/volunteering] the @FranklinParkBos #TurkeyTrot5k. Help me celebrate #Parksgiving by supporting my fundraiser! Can you commit $10 or $25 for every mile I run? [PERSONALIZED LINK]

Do you love @FranklinParkBos? Help me celebrate #Parksgiving with a donation to my #TurkeyTrot5k fundraiser! All proceeds will benefit getting more people in the park to #Work #Play #Engage! [PERSONALIZED LINK]

I can’t wait to show off my costume for this year’s #TurkeyTrot5k! Will you support my [run/walk/volunteering] by making a contribution to my fundraiser? Celebrate #Parksgiving by giving back to @FranklinParkBos! [PERSONALIZED LINK]

Sample Facebook posts:

Did you know? #FranklinPark is the only city park open to bikes thanks to @FranklinParkBos! Their annual Kite & Bike Festival provides local residents with an opportunity to bike the park with their family and friends! Support programming in the park with a contribution to my #TurkeyTrot5k #Parksgiving fundraiser! I’ll be [running/walking/volunteering] on Thanksgiving morning with 1500 of my closest friends & neighbors -- join us![PERSONALIZED LINK] #FranklinPark #Engage #Play

Did you know? @FranklinParkBos works with volunteers and community groups each year to remove invasive plants and improve hiking paths in #FranklinPark. Support programming in the park with a contribution to my #TurkeyTrot5k #Parksgiving fundraiser! I’ll be [running/walking/volunteering] on Thanksgiving morning with 1000 of my closest friends & neighbors -- join us! [PERSONALIZED LINK] #FranklinPark #Engage #Work

Did you know? @FranklinParkBos is an active and ongoing voice in long-term local planning efforts including the Shattuck Campus Planning and Franklin Park Master Planning. The Coalition makes sure that the voices of local residents & park advocates are heard! Support advocacy for #FranklinPark with a contribution to my #TurkeyTrot5k #Parksgiving fundraiser! I’ll be [running/walking/volunteering] on Thanksgiving morning with 1000 of my closest friends & neighbors -- join us! [PERSONALIZED LINK] #Engage #Work #Play


Use a different image each time you post a message about your fundraiser so it will catch people's attention. Feel free to download and save any of the images here or use your own!

Parksgiving_Bike___Kite_Festival.png     Parksgiving_Dancing_Ladies.png     Parksgiving_Dancing_Woman.png     

Parksgiving_Kids_Run.png     Parksgiving_Mother___Daughter.png     Parksgiving_Volunteer_Raking_Leaves.png    

3. How to Stay Motivated

Have a fun night out! Partner with a local restaurant and have a portion of the proceeds that evening go towards supporting your campaign.

Training runs: Ask donors to give $1 for each mile you train for the Turkey Trot! If you cross-train, create a fitness challenge such as $1 for every pushup you complete.

Double-up: Create a limited-time match opportunity and reach out to friends and family and encourage them to give while their donations will be matched.

4. How to Hit Your Fundraising Goal

Don't be afraid to ASK (and then ask again!): Follow up with anyone you contacted, but never heard back from. People are busy and sometimes need that extra nudge!

Go for the goal: Let people know how close you are to meeting your personal fundraising goal (i.e. "I only need 4 more people to donate $25.")

The more the merrier: Invite friends and family to join you at the race as a participant, volunteer, or cheering squad. They’re more likely to give to your campaign if they’re involved in the event in some way too!

Good luck and thank you for your support! Contact if you have any questions.